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10:46 am
December 25, 2011



I inherited a rather plain mug (maybe it's not even really a stein!),  off-white w/a blue medal looking design painted on one side and another on the other.  The medal looks like it is meant to be a blue ribbon w/yellow background ribbon, an eagle (?) on top of the medal itself; the medal shows a man in uniform, with the date 1775 below it.  The other die is a round emblem, with "Sons of the Revolution" around the outer rim, a figure in the middle w/some slogan on a ribbon above it that I cannot read, and the dates 1776 and 1883.  Below this is a date, Feb. 22, 1910.


On the bottom of the mug is the following info:

Made in Germany

Higgins & Seiter, New York



I'm not sure I want to sell this just now, but am curious where I might find more info about it, and possibly a value.  Thanks in advance!

6:31 pm
January 9, 2012



Ok, what is the deal here?  I'm guessing this is a relatively new site…but all the questions that have been posted, have no answers, no replies!  Is there anyone out there???

6:41 pm
January 9, 2012

SteinTalk Admin


Indeed this is a fairly new forum less then 6 month old. However, since there are thousands of steins out there we strongly recommend to post pictures with your post to help other users to understand what you have. In case of your post, the description might apply to many steins. A good way to start is to find out who the manufacturer is. Many times there is an insignia on the bottom of the stein. Pictures definitely help

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